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Upcoming Events

Please Check Back Soon for a List of Upcoming Events (updated 10/21/21)

If you want to provide flowers for worship during the year, please contact the church office.  The cost for one arrangement is $22.  Also, if you have flowers to donate, please call the office.

Prayer shawls are at the church if you want to give one to someone.  Anyone may give a prayer shawl at any time, to anyone; no cost, just caring.

Church cancellation procedure: You may call the church office for a recorded message or check local radio stations or Spectrum news.  There is a tree phone in place for choir and early church regular attendees.

CBN - Community Broadband Network has transmitters on our tower as well as on Lenox Rd.  Our church family can sign up with special discounts and our church benefits from those who sign up using our name.  CBN provides our church internet for free.  CBN offers TV, internet and telephone.  315-325-5000

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