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Meet Our Pastor


Rev. Emily Huyge has been a pastor serving United Methodist churches in Upper New York since 2012. She is married to Dana Huyge, a local real estate musician and music aficionado. Together they have four children: Sarah, Jacob, Benjamin, and Caleb.


Pastor Emily and Dana met when working together at Casowasco, a UM camp and retreat center. They share several common passions: family, faith, music, and local food. One of their favorite places in Geneva is the summer Farmer’s Market, and since buying their first home just outside the city they’ve been so excited to grow more of their own food. 


In addition to leading the church and spending as much time as possible with her family, Pastor Emily enjoys volunteering twice a month at a local women’s health clinic. Like the congregation she serves, she is also a proud supporter of Family Promise of Ontario County and of the Community Lunch Program which is hosted at the church. Eager to help her community in whatever ways she can, she is also a blood donor.


Above all, Pastor Emily is eager to build the kin-dom of God in whatever ways she can. She believes in love in many forms, in the inclusive nature of the sovereign God, and of the transformative power of following Jesus. As a disciple of Jesus Christ, she believes that the greatest way to build a better future is by sharing the saving grace of Christ’s boundless love with as many people as possible. If there is one thing she would hope for all who read this to know, it is that you are loved.

Church Staff


Jeannine Biehls

Office Manager


Charity Gillotti

Director of Music

Freda & Dave Mumford


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