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Meet Our Pastor


We welcomed Pastor Emily and family - husband Dana, children Sarah, Jacob and expected baby, on July 1, 2018.  Here is an introduction to her and the Huyge family, in her own words:

My husband, Dana, and I met at Casowasco in 2008.  About a year and a half later, we began dating when we reconnected in Rochester (we were both there for graduate school).  We were married in August 2011 at my childhood church in Camillus. Between us, we wrote nearly our whole wedding ceremony from scratch – I took care of the liturgy and scripture readings, he arranged all the music.  In some ways, our career paths complement each other beautifully!


Our first child (Sarah) was born in July 2013.  Jacob came along just before Christmas in 2015, and we’re eager to welcome Baby #3 this summer (my due date is August 2).  You’ll find Sarah to be shy at first, but bright and engaging as she gets to know you.  She loves reading, playing outside, and learning to write. Jacob is a joyful, playful child, who takes after his father in his love for music and his voracious appetite.  Baby #3 is active and healthy, and we’re excited to meet this little one in just a few more months.  We won’t know until birth whether we’re welcoming a little Miss or a Mister – we enjoyed the surprise with our other two and look forward to it again.


Dana and I are long-time upstate NY residents. I was raised in Camillus, went as far as PA for my undergraduate degree, and came right back to NY where I’ve lived ever since.  Dana lived in a few far-flung places as a young child, but his family ultimately settled in Homer, NY, where they continue to reside.  He has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a Master’s degree from the Eastman School of Music.  He keeps busy with a full career comprised of teaching violin and viola in several different settings and playing viola as a tenured member of Symphoria and the Albany Symphony.

The Huyge family is especially excited about the riches of living in the Finger Lakes region.  We enjoy gardening and I particularly like cooking from scratch with fresh, local ingredients.  I’ll be eager to find the nearest farmer’s market as soon as we arrive!  We love water activities like swimming and kayaking, and look forward to living right by the lake. We’re looking forward to some slightly milder winters than what we’ve been experiencing in Oswego County, but we do hope to discover some good sledding hills when the snow starts to fall.  Dana and I are excited, too, to enjoy the fruits of your local wineries… after the baby is born, of course!

*** UPDATE***  

Baby Benjamin John was born Saturday, August 4, 2018.  All are doing fine.  

Sarah started school Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

Pastor Emily returned Monday, September 24.  We welcome this terrific family!

Baby #4 is due later this Fall of 2021.  High hopes for this blessing from God!

Contact her at or 315-789-6550 or 315-317-0847

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