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South Sudan Health Projects

South Sudan Health Project start-up video View the original video when our local United Methodist Churches became involved with South Sudan Health Projects.  

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"For the Glory of God, we will strive to enable the development of Community Based Systems for the health and holistic quality of life in Southern Sudan."

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A THANK YOU note from Rev. Bradford Hart December 2022:

Dear Followers of Christ:

    On behalf of thousands of people in the Malek area of South Sudan, I thank you for your recent contribution of $500 for the Southern Sudan Health Projects.

    Please know that your continued support of this project makes a difference in about 1,000 lives every month. The funds you have contributed will join with other gifts to pay the salaries of 8 Home Health Promoters. We especially appreciate all the work Pat Schiller continues to do for this project!

    I believe you are all an important part of what God is doing with God's people in that part of the world.  

    Thank you, In God's Love, Rev. Bradford Hunt

typical hut in Malek area of South Sudan
Philip Gai and a health care co-worker meet with an elderly woman who was dealing with severe arthritic symptoms.


    Dear Congregation of the Geneva United Methodist Church – Thanks for your recent contribution to the Southern Sudan Health Project. Your generosity has helped so many people in the Malek area. As you know, your contribution has been used for the salaries of our eight Home Health Promoters. In June, the workers consulted with parents and 137 children under the age of 5 for health problems. This is just one part of the population they help.

    On Mayol’s recent return from South Sudan, he reported that a new building with doctor’s office, waiting room, and birthing room has been built for the HHP’s. It has solar panels for electricity. The building was built by the government of Spain, and the solar panels were funded by UNICEF. 

    My hope is that you take time to celebrate your part in making a big difference in a community in a country so far away that is struggling to move forward. Thank you again for your contribution.

In God’s Love, Rev. Bradford Hunt for the Southern Sudan Health Project, Aug 2021

     Above are pictures of Mayol's trip in October 2020, with his three suitcases including medicines, to South Sudan.  

A typical hut in the Malek area of South Sudan.  As you can see, there is no water, electricity or indoor plumbing.  Nothing fancy.  Would you like to be a part of the next team to South Sudan and see this for yourself?  If so, contact Pat Schiller.

Medications from the suitcases are used to treat health challenges, such as respiratory issues, acute diarrhea, arthritic pain, malarial symptoms, like severe headaches and body pain, and other preventable health issues often afflicting villagers.  Here, anti-inflammatory medicine is given to village residents.  In the village of Panpandier, Mayol and Paul Riak spoke with two ladies who had dealt with urinary tract infections for several years.  They thanked Paul for the antibiotics he had provided over those years, but unfortunately, he cannot obtain the antibiotics as often as they are needed.  The women shared that their problems had interfered with their ability to conceive, but eventually they both had babies. Their HHP, Philip Gai, works with them as they strive to maintain a healthier life. 

Philip Gai and a health care co-worker meet with an elderly woman who was dealing with severe arthritic symptoms and pain.  A Home Health Provider (HHP) named Ngong who was able to provide Tylenol to a 78-year-old woman dealing with arthritis.  She waited in a line in the shade of a tree after church one Sunday because she had heard that Mayol was on his way to deliver medicines.  Mayol asked how she knew that he was coming, and she shared that they learned about it in church.  This woman knew that Tylenol brought her relief from her arthritic pain before, so she was pleased to receive the medication. 

The Story of 3 Suitcases         by Pat Schiller, in Oct and Nov Carillon 2020

featuring Mayol

Part I     October 2020 Carillon:

The first suitcase filled to the brim with over-the-counter medicines came from West Berry, UMC, just north of Batavia. St. Paul’s UMC (Syracuse) and Sandy Creek UMC filled a second suitcase. Geneva UMC, Faith Journey UMC and donations from others filled the third. The 3 suitcases left from Syracuse by bus with Mayol, Lost Boy of Sudan, headed for the airport in New Jersey. After a slight delay, they boarded a plane to Germany, then on to Nairobi, Kenya. While there, $100 was added to the life saving contents of the 3 suitcases. As of September 23 arrangements are being made to go on to Juba, then by boat, if the flooding demands, to Bor. The medicines will be received by our 8 health care workers. You have helped 4 communities in the Bor Region of South Sudan receive essential basic health care. THANK YOU!!!!!

Part II    November 2020 Carillon:

As you may recall, the suitcases were filled with medications to go to our 8 health care workers in the Malek area of South Sudan.  With their caretaker, Mayol, one of the “Lost Boys”, they traveled from the US to Germany then Nirobi, Kenya and Juba, South Sudan and finally to Bor and the designated destination of the area of Malek.

No prescription is needed for the purchase of meds for malaria, a common illness in that area of the world.  Therefore the $100 donated by US supporters was used in Kenya for that purpose.

Mayol has sent us some of the pictures he took with the villagers and health care workers.  These may be viewed on our website. Pastor Emily has talked of abundance and gratitude to God for our many blessings.  Most of the people living in that part of the world live a lifetime without access to doctors, hospitals, clinics, medicines – even over-the-counter medicines.  You have helped a community meet very basic health care needs.

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